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Plant Medicine

Yin and yang, the body's opposing energy forces, have long been treated using herbal therapy in an effort to aid, repair, and harmonize them. Several plant parts are usually employed to produce this result. All parts of the plant, including roots, flowers, leaves, stems, bark, and seeds, can be used for therapeutic purposes. All of these substances can be found in medicinal plants and have been shown to have beneficial effects on both physical and mental health through their natural healing properties. Herbal medicine's sophistication stems from the fact that hundreds of different herbs might have their own unique properties and applications. Although a single herb may be effective in relieving some conditions, combinations of plants are more prevalent.

Cacao Ceremonies

In a cacao ceremony, participants consume ceremonial cacao while engaging in practices such as making goals, exchanging heartfelt insights, or meditating. Cacao ceremonies are a wonderful way to bond with yourself and the other people participating in the ritual. Cacao is known to increase cognitive abilities such as insight, creativity, and motivation. It also lifts spirits and opens up the heart. It has the potential to be a really exciting and joyful time. Deep healing, introspection, goal-setting, self-love, and change are all possible during cacao ceremonies. 

Plant medicine can be incorporated in moon rituals and all healing sessions. It is usually in the form of a tea or elixir.

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