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Pine Park (Corner of Madison and Chestnut)

Wednesday 8 AM 

Start Wednesday with a stretching flow, meditation, and reiki healing energy.
Join us for Movement and/or Meditation
• 8:00 AM for movement
• 8:30 AM for meditation
• This class is FREE. Spots are limited be sure to register.
• Bring a yoga mat and any other props you may want for movement or meditation. 

Carlsbad Village Yoga

Thursday 7:30 PM 10$

Yoga Nidra with Reiki Class

This is an all-level 60 minute class.  We begin with breath work and gentle movement to help you enter a state of total relaxation. Then, we'll embark on a 45-minute meditation journey, where you'll receive Reiki energy healing. Bring your favorite blanket and a pillow for maximum comfort. 


Friday  10:30 AM

This is an all-level 60 minute class.

Gentle Flow to classic jazz with a guided meditation in savasana.



Carlsbad Village Athletic Club 

Located on the beach 

Thursday at Noon 










Welcome to an all-level 60-minute class that will leave you feeling like a Zen master! We'll kick things off with a full-body stretching flow, followed by some blissful meditation. Don't worry if you're a total newbie to yoga or meditation; we've got you covered. Just let the sound of the ocean waves guide your movements and you'll be feeling right at home in no time. This class is a surefire way to add a sense of peace and productivity to your day.

Located on the beach behind Harbor Fish Cafe.

No sign up just show up. Payment collected on the beach. 

Cost : 20$ or 10 class punch card 150$

Beach Terrace Inn 

Sunday 9 AM

This class is sponsored by the hotel and FREE for the community. 

It takes place on their oceanfront pool deck. 

The class begins with a gentle stretching yoga flow and ends with a guided meditation. This is an all-level 60 minute class. Even if you have never meditated or taken yoga before, you will feel right at home moving your body to the sound of the ocean waves. This is a great way to have a peaceful, more productive week. Bring a yoga mat. 


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