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The New Moon is a time for fresh starts. A time to accept new tests, challenge yourself to unfamiliar heights, or simply ask for what you really want. The purpose of a New Moon Ritual is to set an intentions for the future and to focus on the steps you will take to bring those intentions into reality. 

The Full Moon is a time of release. Give up your concerns, your fears, your bad habits, and the negative influences in your life so that you can heal and progress. The purpose of the Full Moon Ritual is to clear out what no longer servers you to make room for the new.  We use the brilliant white light of the Moon as blanket filled with encouragement during our release. 


Join us at one of our monthly events


Full Moon (90 Minutes)

Stretching and Body Movement 
Guided Meditation  
Sound Healing
Journal Prompts 


Chakra Crystal Healing








New Moon (1 hour)

Guided Meditation

Sound Healing 

Candle Intention 









"Elizabeth was amazing when it came to our full moon ritual. Her attention to detail on every step made the whole night exceptional. She took things slow so we could truly understand the process in order to get everything out of the experience. Elizabeth was an awesome guide for an informative, relaxing and enjoyable full moon ritual. I look forward to our next meditative experience!"

Zach G 

After-school program director/owner

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