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Upcoming Moon Events


Friday September 29th Full Moon



 Sunday October 15th

New Moon 

Saturday October 28th Full Moon 

Times on Tickets

Location: Carlsbad Village Yoga

Yoga Nidra class


60 minutes

Thursdays 7:30 AM

Carlsbad Village Yoga

Starting September 18th 

M- 7:30-8:30

T- 7:30-8:30

W- 8-8:45 (45 minutes)

T- 7:30-8:30

F- 8-8:45 (45 minutes)


Starting your day with a Yoga Nidra meditation can help you maintain your concentration and energy for the whole of the day. The first half of the class is stretching and light movement the second is a guided mediation.



 Our focus is on helping others find their happiness on this blue marble we live on by awakening their authentic self.

Elizabeth's method employs different forms of meditation, yoga nidra, moon rituals, reiki, and crystal chakra healings to tap into the light we all share so we can turn up our brightness. 



Happy Blue Marble Meditation



For more information or to book a 1:1 fill out the form below

Carlsbad, CA 92008

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Thanks for submitting!

Among the several yogic disciplines, Yoga Nidra ranks among my top picks. Elizabeth’s method helps you calm down gradually by guiding you to relaxing different regions of your body. This technique has helped me relax my mind and body in times of high tension, allowing me to be more focused and present.

Vanessa P. FNP


I had the pleasure of doing a Full Moon ritual with Elizabeth recently. It was such an amazing process that was very enlightening and fun. As someone who has never done any kind of moon phase ritual, Elizabeth’s guidance was helpful, educational, and comforting. I cannot wait to learn more about myself through meditation practice from Elizabeth in the future!

Abbey S. Assistant Planner

My sessions with Elizabeth have been fantastic. When she is working, she is in tune with herself and her clients. She asks enough preliminary inquiries to understand how to best assist me through a personalized meditation session. As a result, she provides a transforming experience. I'm looking forward to working with her again. 

Alex V. Reiki Practitioner

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